Thanks to the internet and social media it has never been easier to reach hundreds of millions of people with the gospel. The internet has become an incredible highway of information and today, its roads are open.

Our vision is to reach 1 billion people (updated) with the gospel of Jesus by 2018 through social media and online advertising.

For years we have been pressing to reach millions who have never heard the name of Jesus and by the grace of God we have seen more than 7000 people make a first-time decision for Christ.

How can I help?

Every time you buy a product, you help us reach 1000+ people with the gospel.

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Why do you share the gospel online?

Sending a missionary overseas costs as much as $16,000 per year. We estimate that we can reach 3 million people at a similar cost.

How can you reach so many at such a low cost?

We have years of experience in social media and online ads. Our ads have garnered more than 1.2 billion impressions in the past and our Facebook pages have been ranked as high as #4 in the world for engagement. Learn more >>

Who we are

Originally called One Million Christians for World Evangelism we started as an online movement to see people go out and share Jesus’ love. Today we are better known as inChristNetwork and we feel compelled to share the gospel online at a whole new scale.

What projects have you worked on before?

Project 100-Million was a project to reach 100 million people with the gospel. In the project we partnered with 121 international (a Canadian registered charity) to reach 100 million people with the gospel via social media. See our first-month report >>

Learn about our other projects >>

How do you know when people are getting saved? NOT DONE YET

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What do you believe?

We believe that Jesus came to earth as a man, faced all the temptations that you and I face, and, being sinless he died in our place and for our sins. If we repent of our sins and believe that Jesus died in our place we will be forgiven and given new life from God.

This is one of the videos we use when sharing the gospel. Listening will give you an idea what we share when we share the gospel:

How do you follow up with those who get saved?

Since we share the gospel through the Internet all of those people who we share the gospel with have access to a computer or mobile device. We connect with these new believers through Facebook and appeal to them to join our online church services.

Unfortunately this system is not yet foolproof and therefore we are working on creating unique social networking technology that will empower these new believers to deeply connect with the true and living church of God.